Happy Tragedy, Contrarian Lifestyle

Happy Tragedy represents a contrarian view on life. The dichotomy of the words Happy & Tragedy don't seem to fit together in our heads. It's like a constant pulling apart, a tug-of-war with emotion. It's the pleasure and the pain, It's the gift and it's the curse. It's the good and the evil. It's the positive and the negative. It's beauty and ugliness. But when they collide and you link them together, the power you have over your thoughts becomes unbreakable. You now have control of both sides, the happy and the tragedy.  

The Tragedy Begins

In the middle of 2020 when the world was Quarantined to their homes due to a new spreading virus that created a U.S. Pandemic, design artist Tony "The Tragedy” took advantage of his time in quarantine to create in his head the Happy Tragedy brand.

Meaning of the name,

The name for the brand was conceived when Tony combined two book titles from the famous/notorious philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. (The Happy Science and The Birth of Tragedy). Tony is also a huge fan of heavy rock music, which plays a big role in the creativeness of the brand and designs. In fact, Tony first heard about Nietzsche when listening to an interview by Marilyn Manson. While in high school he heard the band Korn for the first time and developed a passion for heavy rock music, and bands such as Slipknot, Tool, NIN, System of a down, Staind etc....

Source of Salvation

After writing song lyrics for countless years, finally in 2019 Tony put his creative writing into use by writing lyrics for a band "Source of Salvation", which he named and manages.